Wednesday, November 30, 2016

MIT Online: What I'm Really Going To Be Up To

Ok.  I think the title of the blog lets you know I'm a bit of a cynic, but sometimes I'm not.  In that I'm not defeated, and I'm not a give-up kind of person in the face of bullshit.

So.  What I want to do is take action.  Why I have a blog is to chronicle that action because I'm hoping all this activity will be self-driving.  Self-feeding.  For me.  Here's the idea:

I'm going to take biology via the MIT free online courseware.  And then I will take engineering via the same.  I have a goal in mind, something we need to crack - and it's hilarious to me that this is more microphysics than macro.  Or astro, to be more accurate.  I am having a reverse Lawrence Krauss effect.

I was fortunate enough to have drinks with Dr. Krauss a few years ago. He told me about how his studies in particle physics led him to be more interested in astrophysics. My whole life I've been very interested in astrophysics and always thought space was where it's at.  But now, considering our species, I'm more interested in inventing something that will ensure we can later venture further into space.  If we're all dead, we're not going anywhere.  Of course, with the higgs boson discover, Dr. Krauss is again interested in particle physics, but in how it relates to astro, or more specifically, dark matter.  But I digress.

I want to study photosynthesis intensely and I want to see what I can do to create something that will, in a plant-like way, consume pollutants out of the air and simultaneously produce energy and maybe even oxygen. I've gone from outer space to inner space.

I think keeping track of what I do and how far I get here will help me to keep going.  That's why I'm here.  I want to record my progress.  I want to describe the online free school experience.  I hope to get support in the form of readers.  I don't want to give up on our species simply because there seems to be a lot of idiots out there that can't wrap their minds around the seriousness of the situation.  Or willfully deny it.

That's why I'm here, blogging again after what seems like a million years.  If these are the last days of humanity, I'd rather go out trying to do something about it.