Sunday, August 4, 2019

what are they thinking?

I wonder about the thoughts of law enforcement.  I am told that there is a higher percentage of conservatives in law enforcement than liberals - however the word "liberal" has been vilified so much that I doubt anyone with a law enforcement job would use that word to describe themselves in any way.

Is law enforcement a culture of conservatism?  Mostly?  How much?  I have been looking for hard numbers, a survey, anything, but I'm coming up short.  Media leads us to believe law enforcement skews right, but I'd like to see some stats.

Robert Mueller's team is an interesting example.  The claim is that most of the team are Republicans.  Are most of law enforcement - police, FBI, state police, etc. - conservatives/Republicans?

And if they are, what are they thinking when they ever so gently arrest someone like the murdering white supremacist in El Paso yesterday?

When a trump supporter is faced with apprehending a mass murderer who is a trump supporter, what are they thinking as they take him in? Are there enough hard-right law enforcement that we need to seriously worry about what's happening underneath all the so-called "lone-wolfing"? 

How many white supremacists are there operating actively?  And how many law enforcement are part of the network?

Because the internet has made it easy to have that network. Because we know that network exists, and a lot of it is right out in plain sight, like the vast majority of these mass murderers being white supremacists.  There's more than this commonality, and if it's a pattern, which I think it is, there's no such thing as a lone wolf.  You're seeing a white supremacist terroristic effort, aided and abetted by the words of trump and the inaction of McConnell.  Full stop, this blood is on their hands.

We had a second scenario happen within hours of the first.  Armed to the teeth and covered in body armor, another man opened fire on the public, this time in Ohio.  Within hours.  Hours.  This scenario ended with law enforcement killing the shooter.  The murderer was wearing a face mask, so his race and affiliations are unknown at the time of this writing, but witnesses have stated the murderer was white. 

The El Paso murdering white supremacist was taken alive.  We assume he will answer for his crimes.  The thoughts and prayers from the instigators and enablers in our government ring particularly hollow.  After blocking all legislation that could do something about this, McConnell will have a hard time pretending like he can't do anything about it.  He's already done something about it - he failed to act on behalf of the people to protect them, and protected the money he receives from gun lobbyists instead. 

The occupant of the white house laughed at a rally of his when a supporter said we could solve the migrant problem by shooting them. 

The occupant of the white house who has been stiffing law enforcement the bills for protecting his klan rallies.  He doesn't pay the cops the money he owes them.  The (allegedly) mostly-conservatives cops.  He. Doesn't. Pay. Them.  Are they cool with that?

So, when that happens, when trump screws his own supporters on the bill, does a trump supporting member of law enforcement think maybe he's not their guy?  Or do they double down on thinking he's their guy, because finally there's a racist just like them occupying the white house?

What are they thinking?