Thursday, December 1, 2016

First "Class", First Book

First, I am taking Biophysics.  The first class here is "Biometric Principles and Design", and the first textbook is one I can afford on my own.

I am taking part in a national boycott of all Drumpf products, including those of his family (#GrabYourWallet).  Unfortunately, Amazon carries Drumpf products.  I have no problem switching to Nook from Kindle, but I am hoping we can persuade Amazon to dump Drumpf products before my Prime membership is up for renewal.  In the meantime, I will use Amazon Smile, which donates to the charity of your choice when you make a purchase, and I am limiting my Amazon shopping.  I'm using Target as a great alternative for clothing and household items, and Chewy for pet supplies.

But because I've already paid for a year of Prime and used the benefits, because I now limit my Amazon purchases, and donate to anti-conservative-extremist causes with any purchases, and lastly because the CEO of Amazon has been critical of Trump as well as owning a newspaper that has been highly critical of Drumpf, I'm going to hold off cancelling my account just yet.  I've written and complained, as have thousands of others, and I believe we may get them to dump Drumpf products in the future.  If not, it's goodbye Amazon.

Anyway, tomorrow I'll buy the book.  I may even start reading it this weekend if I can fit it into my plans.  What is certain is that I will be using a lot of my time off this month to get this first class underway.  I'm both excited and determined.